RESECO - Regional Security and Cooperation


RESECO is a think tank that aims to promote democratic principles and strengthen democracy in Serbia and the region by advocating for open state institutions, good governance, media freedom, security, and cooperation.

By providing politically applicable analyses, RESECO encourages collaboration with political, state, and social entities in the country and abroad. The organization analysis political processes in Serbia and neighboring countries, formulating recommendations to overcome political challenges.

RESECO is committed to promoting regional integration and cooperation through various initiatives aimed at creating a safe and unified area in the Western Balkans, allowing free movement of people, goods, and capital.

Through its activities, RESECO contributes to civil society in Serbia and promotes political dialogue through the exchange of opinions among different actors.

Stefan Surlić


Stefan Surlić serves as the Executive Director of RESECO and is responsible for overseeing the development of the organization and its employees, as well as leading the design and implementation of projects. He obtained his undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees from the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade. Since 2014, he has been engaged as a research associate and assistant professor, teaching various courses on topics such as comparative politics, democratization, and religion. Additionally, he serves as a researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary studies of the Balkans. With over ten years of experience organizing conferences and debates, he has authored numerous analyses, proposals, and case studies. Surlić is the initiator of the first academic cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina and the editor of the publication “Perspectives of a Multi-Ethnic Society in Kosovo”. He has authored or co-authored more than 10 scientific articles in the field of comparative politics, ethnically divided societies, and migration studies, and has edited three collections of works. Surlić is an active member of the Political Studies Association and the National Convention on the European Union.

Andrijana Lazarević


Andrijana Lazarevic has been a part of the RESECO team since its foundation as a project coordinator. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Political science at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, where she also completed her undergraduate studies. Additionally, she completed a multidisciplinary master’s degree in European Politics and Crisis Management at the University of Belgrade. During her studies, Andrijana served as a teaching assistant for Comparative Politics at the Faculty of Political Sciences and for Building Institutions and European Integration at the Master’s level program in European Politics and Crisis Management. She also works as a research intern and secretary for the scientific journal Serbian Political Thought at the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade. Andrijana received a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, through which she was able to participate in numerous regional and international seminars and conferences, further improving her research and leadership skills. Her research areas at RESECO focus on regional cooperation and European integration. Andrijana is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of German and Spanish.

Ljiljana Kolarski


Ljiljana Kolarski joined the RESECO team in 2021 as a project assistant. Currently pursuing a PhD in Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Legal and Political Studies in Novi Sad, and a Master’s degree in Terrorism, Organized Crime and Security from the University of Belgrade. Ljiljana has extensive experience in national and regional projects and has participated in various international conferences. Her main focus has been promoting politics of reconciliation among young people in the Western Balkans. She has authored several scientific works in the field of political science, with particular interest in regional cooperation, political representation, and women in politics. Ljiljana is also interested in extremism, terrorism, and conflict resolution. Ljiljana is fluent in English and Spanish, and has knowledge of Russian and Hungarian.

Aleksandar Šljuka


Aleksandar is currently a master’s student at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, international studies from the same Faculty. He is one of the initiators of the first student podcast at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Since 2022, he has been an associate on projects at the Center for Foreign Policy. His areas of interest are bilateral relations in the Balkans, institution building in the Balkans, and institutional design as part of post-conflict solutions. He is particularly interested in the topic of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina. He speaks English fluently and has basic knowledge of Russian.

Igor Novaković


Dijana Štrbac


Sanja Domazet


Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes​


RESECO is a think tank that provides a concrete contribution to the promotion of democratic principles, strengthening democracy by advocating openness of state institutions and good governance, foreign policy, media freedom, security and cooperation in Serbia and the region.